Some reflections from visitors to and retreat participants of Mount Saint Mary House of Prayer:

“I never fail to leave here feeling blessed by this place and the presence of God. I look forward to my next retreat.”

“The atmosphere of the house helped me to relax, feel at home and sense God’s presence.”

“I thank God for leading me to such a wonderful place with such blessed people!”

“...a chance to slow down and reflect on the important things in life.”

“Thank you again for your hospitality and spirit-filled retreat. We are blessed and will bless others through your gift.”

“I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have this holy place to spend time with God free of the hustle and bustle of the everyday world. I get refreshed here so I can live better there.”

“The program I participated in showed me that no matter how busy things get, I need to take a step back to really 'see' what’s happening in a situation.”

“I enjoyed having the time to reflect where I wouldn’t take time in my daily routine to give myself that.”

“I always appreciate the quiet prayer time. It is not often that I get such an opportunity in my daily life.”

“My experience on this retreat day was relaxing- to spend a day with God. I feel lifted and had an enjoyable day.” 

1651 U.S. Highway 22, Watchung, New Jersey 07069-6587